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After almost a decade of growing, you learn a thing or two. When I was twelve, I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. This is a painful and debilitating disease that causes chronic inflammation of the digestive tract. I had been having severe stomach pain for months. The local doctors were unable to diagnose me, but eventually we got answers from University of Virginia hospital. The diagnosis was Crohn’s disease.

Hi. My name is Nick, and I started Evergrown to help others like me. People who need cannabis for medical use, or those who want a consistent supply. For me, growing cannabis started as an avenue to get the medicine I needed. It quickly became my passion, an obsession and lifestyle that I realized I needed to share with others. Those who need it.

There is no known cause for Crohn’s and for many with the condition it means living a life with lots of stomach pain, irritable bowels, and surgeries down the road for severe cases. I was prescribed many medicines that had side effects and didn’t cure the underlying issues. I continued to battle with stomach pain frequently and because of this I often felt nauseous and had a lack of appetite. This went on for years. I tried countless supplements, diets, and alternative treatments. I saw slight improvement from some of these, but I continued to struggle with my symptoms.

I had heard that cannabis could be helpful for people with pain, but I honestly dismissed it for a long time. Then one day a friend of mine suggested that I try some. I was having a severe Crohn’s flare that day which caused pain in the stomach that felt like hot burning coals. I decided to give the cannabis a try and within seconds, the pain was literally gone. Gone…. Years of medicines had never given the level of relief as this natural plant. I was amazed and mystified. It gave me hope that I could get better and soon after, I started growing my very first plant. 

I spent years consuming my own cannabis and my last colonoscopy report from my doctor it stated that I had “no signs of active Crohn’s disease” and I couldn’t believe it. To say that this inspired me would be an understatement. I still struggle with some symptoms from Crohn’s, but I always know I will be okay because I have access to my cannabis which helps me get through the hard days. I know now from my own personal experience that cannabis changes lives. My goal with Evergrown Cultivation is to give everyone the confidence and ability to legally grow their own cannabis at home. It has changed my life and I’m certain that it can change many others.


Like most new weed growers, you do not have the luxury of wasting time and money with beginner mistakes. My goal is for you to be totally successful with your first grow!

I specialize in organic indoor soil growing. I teach this technique because it’s straightforward (even for beginners) and it doesn’t cost as much as other types of growing methods.

I have invested an enormous amount of effort into refining my home setup techniques so that you can have a successful FIRST run. 

This course will teach you everything from seed to harvest. If after the course you still need help or have additional questions, you get 120 days of weekly support calls included in your course purchase. If you need help, I will be available to answer questions live and discuss. 

"What if I don't have a green thumb?"

I don’t have a “green thumb” either. I was never an avid gardener and a lot of what I learned came from my own research or trial and error. 

Most people selling online courses will try to tell you that their techniques are the “secret sauce” and that they have the coveted answer to success that you have been looking for! There are so many talented growers out there, it would be foolish to claim to be the best. I only claim to get high-quality results that have made myself and close friends very satisfied.

I am just a guy that started growing cannabis because I was looking for pain relief. I have made a lot of growing mistakes (which all growers do) and have learned from them. After growing for almost ten years, I have tried to simplify my growing techniques as much as possible and have been able to produce consistent results. 

You are going to make some mistakes. That’s okay! Thankfully, there are a lot of ways to fix mistakes; these plants are hardy. Even if you mess things up you should still be able to recover. With that being said, the main benefit of taking this course is to avoid as many mistakes as possible so you have very good results at the end of each grow. 

Everything in this course is broken down into simple steps so that you can learn it easily!

This is the beginning of your cannabis growing journey!

How much does equipment cost?

This depends on your particular setup choices. Every state has different growing laws which will also limit how many plants you can have. These factors will affect the cost of equipment because the size of your grow will vary from person to person. Some people may prefer to create their own kit by purchasing equipment from different places, while others opt to get an all-in-one kit which comes with everything. 

Having said this, I am going to use Virginia as an example because that is where I live. The state currently has a four-plant limit per household. This is enough for me to supply all of my own cannabis. For 4 plants, I would expect to spend:

$999 on an indoor 4’x4′ grow kit 

$250 on extras like soil, seeds, watering can, nutrients

$4.20 on the Harvest in 90 days online course

This puts the total at around $1260 of initial investment to grow indoors at a high level. 

Cannabis is extremely expensive, as you already know if you use this plant! If you were purchasing cannabis from a dispensary or a friend, you would quickly exceed $1,000 by purchasing only 3 ounces.

Therefore, the home grow system pays for itself after just a few months IF you already use a solid amount of cannabis. After your first harvest you could potentially be left with over 5 ounces. As you can see your initial investment starts paying for itself quickly with all the money you will save on your monthly weed!

Harvest in 90 days course

Now only $4.20

Harvest in 90 days course

There is no other online cannabis course like this.
Ok, everyone says that about their course; but seriously, I've looked!

I will take you from the very beginning (no prior knowledge necessary) to growing and harvesting your own plants in 90 days.

You can keep this course for its lifetime, and it will be your guide during your growing journey.

Thank you so much for checking out the class, and happy growing!


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