Evergrown Cultivation

What we do

Grow Setup Consultations

We can professionally design your growing setup for you with custom recommendations based on your needs and budget. 

How it works
  1. We come to your home (within 35 miles of Lynchburg) or we offer a virtual option through video chat. 
  2. We assess your environment. Many people have questions about where to place their grow space in their home and we can help you determine the best spot. 
  3. We discuss your budget, goals, and intended weekly time investment for your grow. Let’s say for example you work long hours and have limited time to take care of your plants. We would then be able to figure out more automatic options for water, lights, etc.
  4. We take this information and create a custom equipment quote so that you can get all of your gear and start growing.
  5. If you need help installing equipment or do not have the time to do so, we also offer equipment installation services (see below).

Offered virtually or in person

In person: $150 for 1 hour consultation
Virtual: $100 for 1 hour consultation

General Consultations

We offer general consulting for any variety of questions you may have. This could include things like single item equipment recommendations, how to get started growing, general cannabis questions, etc.

You can also consult with an experienced grower if you are having problems with your grow. We help diagnose the problem and give you action steps to get your grow back on track. Examples of plant problems we can help with include:

  • Nutrient deficiencies 
  • Pests/bugs
  • Slow or stunted growth
  • Assessments for mold and mildew
  • Soil issues
  • Curling/browning leaves
  • Wispy or airy bud growth
  • Lack of aroma (related to harvesting, drying, curing)

Offered virtually or in person (within 35 miles of Lynchburg)

In person: $75 for 30 mins or $150 for 1 hour
Virtual: $50 for 30 mins or $100 for 1 hour

Get Started

We are so excited to work with you! Please reach out and let us know what service you are interested in. We are happy to answer any questions you have!

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